Carolyn_0212-1200CAROLYN FOX

In this new series of work that I call “Roller Paintings” I am experimenting with a new process that allows for luxuriously wide, flowing lines of color, creating large satisfying curves and compositions that would not occur to me with a pencil or paint brush in hand. This new tool has opened my work up in a new and surprising way. The paintings have an elemental feel of rock, water, sand and sky. My palette varies but there is always interplay of cool and warm with intense and muted color. The paintings reflect my fascination with the contrast between movement and rest, the inherent tension of balance.

My work has taken its twists and turns over the years from the figurative to the abstract, from observation to imagination, from flat to three dimensional and back again. Originally from Los Angeles, I went to study art at UC Santa Cruz in 1974 where the Bay Area Painters and the Abstract Expressionists were a big influence. I learned about the language of paint and how to stay with a painting: layering, scraping and watching it evolve.

I went on to the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts in 1979 where I studied with Neil Welliver, John Button and a host of other “Painterly Realists” from New York and Philadelphia. I moved back and forth between abstract painting and more observational figurative work. Eventually, I started inventing figurative compositions that I could manipulate and rework as I did in my abstract work. After graduating, I returned to Los Angeles with the ocean, the steep mountains and drenching sunlight. I lived in LA for 5 years and I was active in the art scene there, painting and showing my work.

In the mid-1980’s, my husband and I moved to Ojai where I became immersed in painting this valley with its lush gardens, oak trees and ring of tall arid mountains. Over the years my work has evolved but the ocean, rivers, mountains and sky are always near. They continue to be inspire me and are a core subject whether directly observed or in a very abstract sense, emerging as I let my images come to life with paint.