New School of Visual Arts, New York, NY: 1974-1977 Sculpture


2013 Panero Brothers Winery, Ventura, CA

2012 Yolie’s Cantina, Ventura

2012 Saticoy Country Club, Saticoy, CA

2011 Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA

2008 Private Residence of Dr.Helma Kaldiwey & Prof. Sandy Hinderlie

2007 Caliche & Pao Gallery, New Orleans, L.A. (11 pieces)

2007 Jean & Keith Humphries, St. Michael’s Parish, Barbados

2002 Virtual Internet Exhibition, presented by Nicole Hochkeppel, Dusseldorf, Germany

2000 Solo exhibition at Zentrum Torweg Buddhist Center, Alt-Kaster, Germany (8 large pieces)

1998 John King, Hudson Valley Homestead Gallery, Craryville, N.Y.

(1998-85 Developed Raven Flock 108 while living in Germany, working in a steel factory and bringing up my daughter.)

1986 Assisted Klaus Kammerichs in the creation of his 18ft Beethoven bust (reinforced concrete) installed permanently in Bonn, Germany.

1984 The Floating Sphere Lecture/Conceptional

1983 The Wall of Sysyphus Lecture/Conceptual

1982 The Great Wheel Project Lecture/Conceptual – ongoing

1981 One Mile Fifteen Lecture/Environmental

1980 Fifteen Lecture/Environmental

1980 Strongman/Ballerina New York, NY: Performance/Reading of my own children’s

stories to 400+ children.

1977 Serenade to Lightness Sheep Meadow, Central Park, New York, N.Y., Performance

1976 24 Squared, Monument Valley. A 640 ft serendipity/endurance piece.



‘24 Squared’ – Monument Valley, 1976 – A solitary exploration of serendipity / time / endurance. 640ft. in length I filled 3456-3mm-80gal red and white plastic bags in 10 days arranging them in a 640 ft. geometric pattern, fully visible in its entirety only from the sky. Jessie Johnson, photographer, documented this work, from a Navajo hospital aircraft. The intent of the piece was to explore serendipity, time measured by work and endurance (I lost 42 lbs in the process). Six planes interacted with the piece. It became a meaningful ‘happening’. Documentation on request.

‘Serenade to Lightness’ – Central Park NY, 1977 Experimental ‘ballet’. 108 x 8ft red, white and black balloons inflated with a helium mix. With the amplified notes of my friend Vincent’s steel drums a dream like quality was achieved. Folk invited to join in the experience shared awe and joy with so many mobile forms that were put in their care to dance with. A high degree of interaction and familiarity was achieved by fun rather than fear. The white balloons bounced in increasing arcs, the black soared up like holes in a clear sky and the red stayed grounded.

‘Fifteen’ – Mirror Lake/Lake Placed, 1980 – The Winter Olympic Committee contracted me to execute a massive ice sculpture on Mirror Lake, Next to Lake Placid, N.Y. I envisioned ‘15’, 1240- 12ft arches constructed of ice that would melt flat into the lake ice throughout the Olympics. I received strong participation from professors at M.I.T. in ice density, stress, cutting and moving techniques. Unfortunately due to a last minute decision to move 22 prisoners, my promised work force, from a nearby ‘open’ prison to 300 miles away in order to house Slav athletes there this piece was not realized.

‘One Mile Fifteen’, Greenland, 1981 (inspired by ‘Fifteen’) 1240- 15ft ice domes to be constructed on ice plateau in Southern Greenland. I was given to Denmark as ‘a national treasure’ by the Field Museum to conform to Pentagon restrictions as I wished to stay in Thule, an American underground air force base. Then meteorologists with National Geographic estimated that temperature would be too cold to complete the project. B.A.S.F., my intended sponsors, balked at expense. Iceland Air liked the piece but would not contribute.

The Wall of Sysyphus, 1983 – A monumental piece capturing movement, tension and devastating events about to happen. A 52ft long, 27ft high ‘road’ of granite facing blocks, held at a 45 degree angle by 4 sonar tubes, in aerated concrete, surrounded by #12 steel bars to support the weight, a 9ft cor-ten ‘spun’ steel ball ¾ up, grey slate facing bricks on the underside. Three bronze life size figures placed to portray tension. James Bell, director of the Tampa Art Museum, asked for it but when I went to Florida he said wanted it half size, using faux materials. I declined his offer. Eero Saarinen and Harinskari Bandel, architect and structural engineer for St. Loius Arch gave ingenious structural advice.

The Floating Sphere, 1984 – An 11ft sphere constructed of aero space lightweight metal (that appears more dense than it actually is) hovering, moving over an elevated sheet of water, given buoyancy and mobility by huge concealed electro magnets on tracks beneath the water. Stability given by other magnets placed at strategic intervals in upright supports of glass casing. Notes of sound, reminiscent of Karkheinz Stockhausen’s music, are activated as sphere passes. I approached seven departments of N.A.S.A. to assist. Three did.

The Raven Flock, 1988-2010 – A tessellated design I created and have developed, exploring its many adaptations. One aspiration that I have for it is to create large brass tables on commission for wealthy clients in warm climates. Each would be totally unique, a fourteen seat oval for example, with high backed brass chairs to match. These might be placed in a spacious room with a grey and white terrazzo floor with discrete alcove moulded stone benches along the walls. Both the walls and the benches embellished with the design. Without computer aid I have twisted and stretched the design. ‘Mutations’ of the original shapes are serendipitously dynamic. Each of the 108 ravens is unique.

The Great Wheel Project, 1982 – To create two 4 ton wheels of sheesham, an Indian teak, 15ft high, with 1“ thick steel rims, a self designed expanding axle, 21ft ‘pull bars’ for 16 alternating people to pull down India to Sri Lanka. From Ambala, 130 miles above Delhi to Hambantota, Sri Lanka. 14 wheels inside the carved with the Aboriginal art, Christian, Hebraic, Islamic, Celtic, Nordic, one inner wheel carved by women, one by aged carvers carving the dreams of children, etc. Creating an epic, controversial, living entity (the dreams and aspirations of the thousands of participants). Half hour radio documentary about it in England. Ongoing piece after pause of years.


Umbalisi, 1983-1986 Experimental theatre group I founded in Dusseldorf.

Strongman/Ballerina, 1980 A performance of music, acrobatics and stories. My daughter Taya and I entertained 400+ kids at 92nd Street Y.M.C.A.,

New York. Elements of Theatre of the Absurd.

Section 60/Humphrey, 1978 Written/performed by me in Soho, N.Y.

Poetry Performance, 1977 Read my own poetry in St. Mark’s Church N.Y. with Allen Ginsberg

The Cageling 1976 Written and performed with PopTop Terp and members of Julian Beck and Judith Malina’s Living Theatre. Pops was a close friend of Salvador Dali.

Hanging Around, 1975 Performed with Brian Routh (aka Kipper Kids) for a select audience that included Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, Nina Sobell, Spalding Gray, and many other prominent artists of the time.

One Bar Broken, 1974 Written and performed by myself and David Warrilow

(Co-Founder of Mabou Mines with space provided by Ellen Stewart (La Ma Ma).

Stakhanov’s Blessing, 1974 Performance with medicine balls, a coal cart on a railroad track, experimental music, sweat, grime, long linen tubes.



Section 16/Humphrey, 50’s England. Written/performed by me in Soho, N.Y.

One Bar Broken, England 1929. Written and performed by myself and David Warrilow (co founder of Mabou Mines with space provided by Ellen Stewart (La Ma MA)

The Yearning Finland/Germany 1939-1942 Son’s search for mother. Stakhanov´s Blessing Performance with medicine balls, a coal cart on a railroad track, experimental music, sweat, grime, long linen tubes.


Tales from the Dale An anthology of eleven individual stories, some were broadcast on the German Bayerischer RundFunk radio network.

The Adventures of Jerome and Cecille (also broadcast – Bayerischer RundFunk)


Orleanda – Lady of Doors Completed Novel – working with literary agent to get it published

Blei Rosen A collection of short stories telling tales of oblique reality.

Adrift in Bardo Currently working on completion.