March 11 – May 15

Opening Friday March 11
5 – 8pm

 Open Friday, Saturday, Sundays  12–5pm


Paintings and Prints by Scott Gordon and David Reeser



Empty Architecture 52815 – Scott Grodon

A painting by its nature does what talking never can – it offers stillness and silence. It offers a glimpse into what the mind perhaps can’t contain with language or knowledge. It offers a chance to look with wonder. When I take a loaded brush and drag it across a surface, letting its tendrils of color trail unfettered down its face, I don’t intend it to have any meaning or conveyance. I just want the visual poetry. Sometimes it is enough to just run wildly into the wind with outstretched arms. It is enough to simply feel the sensation of abandon, of being wholly alive. I paint to lose myself and then see where I might end up. I paint to feel that abandon and find the poetry.



Reddish Matter by David Reeser

My work is concerned primarily with motion and color. The compositions are both contemplated and spontaneous organizations of organic forms and gestural lines that move and interact in an energized space of color, producing motion, emotion and light. The watercolor paintings are technically somewhat different from the traditional way the medium is used. I use many layers of color, built up with brushstroke texture, to achieve a greater saturation and density of color which produces varying degrees of transparency and opacity.

Photos from the Opening: